What is No Place for Hate?


Sara Phillips

As of this year, a new co-ed club has been brought into the Academy community: No Place for Hate, a student run club that is focused around bettering the Academies and making it a more inclusive and aware place. No Place for Hate was founded by the Anti- Defamation League (ADL) and over 1,600 schools across the country take part in this, now including the Academies. Meetings are hosted in either Mrs. Marchetti’s room or Mr. Collett’s room, and the club is open to grades 9-12. 

ADL was originally founded in 1913 to help fight Anti-Semitism and biogtry, and since then it has been working towards the ultimate goal of having no group or individual suffer from bias, discrimination, or hate. Furthering that cause, No Place for Hate was created to help promote that goal in schools systems around the country. Recently, all members of the club including Mr. Collett, Ms. Marchetti, and about 20 students, took half the day to meet with Jess Cooper, Assistant Education Director for the program, who led a seminar about what it meant to be an ally. In that seminar, the students also planned future projects to help promote kindness during kindness week or a day to show support for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Co-president Julia Zacher believes that our school will be bettered by No Place for Hate, saying, “I think [the club] in some ways will be able to mend the big rift that has come between the Boys’ and the Girls’ side. And it was very interesting to hear some of the guys’ perspectives on some of the problems we identified in our meetings.” Both she and the other club head, Andre Jackson, are expecting great things from the club and are in the process of continuing to come up with ideas to better the school by spreading a positive message of acceptance. If you are interested in joining the club, please contact Ms. Marchetti, Mr. Collett, Andre Jackson, or Julia Zacher.