The American Education System


Sanjana Kumari, Writer

To say the least, the American educational system is flawed. I’ve heard several complaints about it both from people I know personally and from people all over the internet or school.


    Perhaps the biggest flaw of America’s school system is that often students are all expected to be able to learn the same things at the same pace. It isn’t taken into consideration that each individual processes information in different ways and at different paces, and by forcefully pushing every student to think the exact same way, stress is being created because we’re either having to learn the material too quickly or in a way that we’re not used to processing information in.


    Another thing the logic of this system doesn’t seem to consider is that students have lives outside of school, even on school nights. Yes, education should be a priority in a student’s life, but they shouldn’t have to push everything back several hours because of the amount of homework they have or the amount of tests they have to study for.


    An hour and a half of homework is the most a student should have to worry about, and they shouldn’t have to study for three or four different tests that fall on the same day. It’s a lot of information to know for a single day, and the student could forget certain things while they’re taking the assessment because of the stress caused by having to memorise so many different things.


    On top of that, some of those things might not even be important, depending on the student’s passions and plans for a future career. There’s a lot of things students are taught that turn out being completely useless once they’re out of school.


    Ideally, a standard school day should always be tailored much more closely to a student’s interests and passions once they’ve learned the basics from all their core classes. Often times a student can’t take all the classes they want to take at once until their Senior year of high school, which shouldn’t be the case.


    To put it simply, there are a lot of things that can be done to improve the American educational system. We can only hope this generation will be the one to start making these improvements.