NFL Week 11 Predictions

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NFL Week 11 Predictions

Ethan Katz and Brevin Fleischer

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Oakland Raiders at Detroit Lions

Ethan Katz: Detroit-30 Oakland-21

Brevin Fleischer: These are two teams that have been very tough to read this year. Oakland, in comparison to recent years, has been much better this year. However, some weeks they look astronomically better and some weeks they look like they’re only marginally better. The core of this team is young and outstanding with Derek Carr at quarterback, Amari Cooper at wide receiver, and Khalil Mack at defensive end, and they’ll be sure to give opposing teams fits for years to come. Detroit, on the other hand, appears to be a team going in the opposite direction. Despite immense talent at all offensive skill positions, Detroit is on the decline. This game should be a good indicator of which team is further in their respective process.

Oakland-28 Detroit-17


Indianapolis Colts at Atlanta Falcons

Ethan Katz: Indianapolis-27 Atlanta-24

Brevin Fleischer: I want to start off by saying that Atlanta is worse than their record would indicate and that Indianapolis is better than theirs would suggest. That being said, I still think Atlanta wins this game at home. Matt Ryan just has too many weapons with the league’s best receiver in Julio Jones and the league’s leading receiver out of the backfield in Devonta Freeman. Just last year, it would have been unthinkable to say that you’d rather have Matt Ryan on your team than Andrew Luck, but this year, that’s not only an accurate statement but also an obvious one.

Atlanta-30 Indianapolis-21


New York Jets at Houston Texans

Ethan Katz: New York-28 Houston-17

Brevin Fleischer: New York-24 Houston-21


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles

Ethan Katz: Philadelphia-35 Tampa Bay-21

Brevin Fleischer: Philadelphia-28 Tampa Bay-14


Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears

Ethan Katz: Brock Osweiler is getting the start this Sunday for the Broncos, and I’m not sure this move is going to solve all of their offensive issues. This is a must win for Chicago, and everything has been laid out for them to get the job done. The Broncos are a team slipping out of form, and simply put, they don’t have enough to end their two game slump. Chicago is going to come out firing on all cylinders, trying to take advantage of a disjointed Broncos team. The Bears will win this one and bring back hopes of the playoffs for the city of Chicago.

Chicago-30 Denver-24

Brevin Fleischer: Chicago-24 Denver-17


St. Louis Rams at Baltimore Ravens

Ethan Katz: St. Louis-24 Baltimore-21

Brevin Fleischer: Baltimore-24 St. Louis-17


Dallas Cowboys at Miami Dolphins

Ethan Katz: Dallas-21 Miami-17

Brevin Fleischer: Is this the week Dallas finally gets back in the win column? After losing seven in a row, this team looks to Tony Romo to rescue them from the abyss that is the NFC East’s basement. Lamar Miller and the Dolphins will have something to say about that, though, as they have rebounded from a horrific start to become contenders for the AFC Wild Card. This one seems like a toss-up, but the narrative of Tony Romo as the savior is too good to throw away on his first week back.

Dallas-24 Miami-21


Washington Redskins at Carolina Panthers

Ethan Katz: Carolina-24 Washington-10

Brevin Fleischer: Carolina-14 Washington-10


Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers

Ethan Katz: San Diego-31 Kansas City-27

Brevin Fleischer: Kansas City-28 San Diego-21


Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

Ethan Katz: For a team that’s been to the playoffs once in the past six seasons, it’s nice to see the Vikings doing so well thus far. Well, it may not be so nice to see if you’re a Packers fan. The Vikings may be 7-2, but they haven’t had a win against a marquee opponent yet. They have one of the best defenses in the league, and they should be able to contain a Packers offense that has struggled as of late. There’s so much on the line in this matchup, and in what will be a low scoring, defensive battle, expect the Vikings at home to show the the NFL that they are a legitimate contender.

Minnesota-24 Green Bay-21

Brevin Fleischer: Green Bay-24 Minnesota-21


San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

Ethan Katz: Seattle-30 San Francisco-10

Brevin Fleischer: Seattle-24 San Francisco-13


Cincinnati Bengals at Arizona Cardinals

Ethan Katz: Arizona-28 Cincinnati-24

Brevin Fleischer: Arizona-31 Cincinnati-28


Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots

Ethan Katz: Buffalo has gotten back in their groove. Tyrod and Sammy are back, and they have won two in a row against the other two teams in the AFC East. New England is a completely different machine, however. They’ve been unstoppable all season, and they don’t want to look back. The surprise in this game is that they Bills will keep it close and give the Patriots a scare, but in the end, the Patriots will win as everyone expects as they continue their quest for a perfect season.

New England-30 Buffalo-24

Brevin Fleischer: New England-28 Buffalo-10


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