Volleyball Grows Over Season

From start to finish, the volleyball team had an interesting season. They started the season with a lack of communication that seemed to put the team behind their competitors in many aspects of the game. As the season progressed, the team’s communication improved and led to a five-set victory against Ravena. 

During that win, Ravena’s gym was packed and loud. The volleyball team overcame immense pressure and came out on top. After winning the first two sets, the team fell in the next two, but they made a major comeback and won  the last set. This game boosted the team’s confidence, and they realized that they could not only win even in the most stressful situations but were also capable of making comebacks. 

As the season went on, the team became optimistic that they would win senior night match, once again against Ravena. . As the day approached, they grew excited about the number of students coming to the game, and with there being nine seniors, it was their last chance to play volleyball together. Although the team ultimately lost this game,, the team bond was evident.

When each senior was given flowers, the team cheered as loud as possible, and through the speeches from their teammates, we could tell how close this team actually became. They were not always the best team, but they were cheering for each other not only for every point scored but every time they gave up a point; someone was always telling them, “it’s okay; get the next one.” 

Although the end result was not what the team hoped for, the team ultimately realized winning was not the only important thing. This year’s AAG volleyball team had the strongest internal connections compared to the other teams in Section Two. Through all the highs and lows, the team always stuck by each other’s sides and fought harder as the end of the season neared.