Fantasy Football 101

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Fantasy Football 101

Trent Svingala

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The standouts, underachievers and the players who can help you win your leagues crown.

Standout Players:

  1. Vikings Defense: most of the time you don’t think of a defense as a top points position but in this case it is. The Vikings defense is giving up an average of only  16.8 points after the first four weeks, making it a dominant threat week in and week out.
  2. Julio Jones: Julio Jones is averaging 16.3 point through the first four weeks, with a monster performance in week 4 when he put up 36 points and boosted his fantasy worth through the roof.
  3. Matt Ryan: Matt is averaging 26.3 points per game and is leading all players in total points, making him a dominant force that was shown in week 4 as he put up 35 points.

Underachievers: These are the players you hoped to build your team around, the guys that are your top scorers, but not in these cases.

  1. Adrian Peterson: After playing a lackluster 2 weeks, AP went down with a torn meniscus that will sideline him until week 12 while sinking his fantasy owners and robbing them of their first pick.
  2. Jamaal Charles: Jamaal Charles is seen as one of the best players in the league but his fantasy worth is truly up in the air. After not playing for the first 3 weeks of the season Jamaal Charles put up only 1 fantasy point in his week back, making his fantasy owners scramble for the next best option.
  3. Thomas Rawls: Thomas Rawls was seen by many owners  as a player with a boatload of potential, but that just wasn’t the case in week 2 as he put up a total of -7 rushing yards that ultimately led to his benching on the football field and the fantasy field.

Waiver Pickups: Every team needs them; whether to fill in for a injured player or just to cover a bye week, waiver pickups are one of the most influential points in fantasy football.

  1. Will Fuller V: After being overlooked by fantasy owners everywhere, Will Fuller V burst onto the scene in week 1 with 16 points. His performance did not stop there, though, as he managed to put up a 20 point performance that makes him a must-add player for all teams.
  2. Tevin Coleman: After being owned by an extremely small number of fantasy owners in week 1, Tevin Coleman’s worth skyrocketed after a 26-point performance that makes him an essential waiver pickup.
  3. Dak Prescott: After averaging 16.5 points per game, Dak Prescott is a good fill-in for some teams. As the #9 ranked qb in fantasy, he provides a great upside that can save teams from going down with their quarterback.
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