NFL Week 13 Predictions

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NFL Week 13 Predictions

Brevin Fleischer and Ethan Katz

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Houston Texans at Buffalo Bills

Ethan Katz: Buffalo-28 Houston-17

Brevin Fleischer: Houston- 17 Buffalo-13


New York Jets at New York Giants

Ethan Katz: Giants-27 Jets-24

Brevin Fleischer: Here we go. A classic Meadowlands, I mean Met Life Stadium matchup, between two teams vying for playoff position in their respective conferences. You have the Jets with that strong running game, explosive duo of wide receivers, and that ever-formidable run defense. On the other side, you have the Giants with their gunslinging quarterback, their jaw-dropping wideout, and their cornerback with a nose for the endzone. This matchup is going to come down to stars against stars. Odell vs. Decker and Marshall. Vereen vs. Ivory. Eli vs Eli. Eli vs. the Jets D. If the Giants can get out of their own way and take advantage of Darrelle Revis’s absence, a victory and a eventually division title could be theirs.

Giants-34 Jets-28


Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams

Ethan Katz: Arizona-30 St. Louis-21

Brevin Fleischer: Arizona-24 St. Louis-21


Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ethan Katz: Atlanta-34 Tampa Bay-21

Brevin Fleischer: I would like to preface this game overview by pointing out that I predicted the Falcons’ demise when they were still undefeated. Their are just so many holes on this team between the offensive line and their porous defense. Getting Devonta Freeman back should alleviate some of the pressure on Matt Ryan, but Matty Ice has to perform. He’s been dreadful these past few weeks. His QB counterpart, on the other hand, rookie Jameis Winston, has been terrific as of late, validating why he was taken number one in the 2015 draft. He seems to be finally clicking with star wideout Mike Evans, and Doug Martin has been running the ball as if it’s 2012 all over again.

Brevin Fleischer: Tampa Bay-24 Atlanta-21


Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings

Ethan Katz: The Vikings are 8-3 this season. The only problem, however, is that just one of those eight teams they have defeated is above 500. That team is the 6-5 Atlanta Falcons. Their record is impressive, but their strength of schedule has been very weak. Seattle has one of the best rush defenses in the NFL, and it’s going to be very challenging for Minnesota to find much offense here. It’s been a great season for the Vikings, but until they beat a high quality opponent, I can’t see them beating a hot team like Seattle.

Seattle-24 Minnesota-20

Brevin Fleischer: I am tired of seeing the Minnesota Vikings get disrespected like this. They have one of the best records in the league, one of the best defenses in the league, and the best running back in (NFL history?) the league.Now, granted that this is a tough test against a hungry Seattle team, but this might be a tougher test for Seattle. Seattle’s offense traditionally struggles against high-quality defenses. Take away the injured Jimmy Graham and those struggles will likely continue and maybe escalate. Now, let me expunge a myth about this lauded Seattle defense. They aren’t very good. In their losses, they have given up 34, 27, 27, 27, and 39 points. They even gave up 30 last week in a win. The reason that they’re still top ten in all of these defensive categories is that they beat up on terrible teams. They have a combined 16 points against between two games against the 49ers, ten points against when they played the now 4-8 Detroit Lions, 12 points against when they played the Romo-less Cowboys, and zero points against when they played the Clausen-led Bears. Minnesota’s offense isn’t great, but Adrian Peterson will have a chance to make plays today.

Minnesota-24 Seattle-20


Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins

Ethan Katz: Miami-24 Baltimore-17

Brevin Fleischer: Miami-20 Baltimore-16


Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns

Ethan Katz: Cincinnati-30 Cleveland-10

Brevin Fleischer: Cincinnati-28 Cleveland-21


Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans

Ethan Katz: Tennessee-27 Jacksonville-21

Brevin Fleischer: Jacksonville-24 Tennessee-20


San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears

Ethan Katz: Chicago-34 San Francisco-20

Brevin Fleischer: Chicago-28 San Francisco-17


Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers

Ethan Katz: Brock Osweiler is the man in Denver right now. When the backup quarterback leads his team to a victory over a 10-0 team, you’re going to be loved by the fans. He’s been named the starter for the rest of the season, but his luck may run out soon. San Diego is better than their record shows. They’ve lost many close games, and this will surely be another nail biter. When it’s coming down to the end of the game, the more experienced Philip Rivers is much more reliable than the inexperienced Osweiler. Look for Rivers to have a great game and lead the Chargers to a big upset over the Broncos.

San Diego-24 Denver-20

Brevin Fleischer: Denver-24 San Diego-17


Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders

Ethan Katz: Oakland-28 Kansas City-21

Brevin Fleischer: Kansas City-24 Oakland-14


Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints

Ethan Katz: Carolina-31 New Orleans-24

Brevin Fleischer: Carolina-21 New Orleans-20


Philadelphia Eagles at New England Patriots

Ethan Katz: New England-35 Philadelphia-21

Brevin Fleischer: New England-20 Philadelphia-16


Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers

Ethan Katz: The Colts have gotten back into their groove winning their last three games. They look like the team of recent years, and they’ll be going into Pittsburgh to face a Steelers team that has been ravaged by injuries all season. With a not 100 percent Roethlisberger, and obviously being without Le’veon Bell, it may be tough for the Steelers to find their place this week. The Colts keep improving week after week, and their defense has phenomenal as of late. It will be difficult for this uncertain Steelers squad to beat a team that is looking the best they have all season.

Indianapolis-26 Pittsburgh-20

Brevin Fleischer: Pittsburgh-28 Indianapolis-24


Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins

Ethan Katz: Dallas-17 Washington-14

Brevin Fleischer: Washington-20 Dallas-13


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