Hurricane Delta Update


Sanjana Kumari

Hurricane Delta, the 25th named storm of this year’s hurricane season, has recently begun to make its way along the Gulf Coast and left thousands of people without power in their homes. Although the nature and impact of the storm have weakened over the past few days (labeled as a Category 1 storm), its heavy rains still continue to cause flooding and damage to homes and power lines in several parts of the U.S. 

Louisiana was the biggest victim of Hurricane Delta. Areas in Louisiana such as Cameron and Sulphur have been flooded, and a large number of trees and power lines have been damaged in the state capital, Baton Rouge. In the city of Lake Charles, the flooding and damage caused by Hurricane Delta occurred during the ongoing cleanup of the damage caused recently by Hurricane Laura. As said in an article from the KATC News Network, the city’s mayor has commented that it will be a “Herculean task” to have to clean up after the effects of Delta whilst also cleaning up the effects of Laura. An article from CBS reports that one of Lake Charles’ residents, Ernest Jack, said that there was strong wind, intense rain and lots of flooding. Thankfully, though, no lives were lost when Delta hit Louisiana.

Due to the wreckage caused by Delta and the possibility that it could produce even more severe weather, a tornado watch has been imposed in several states including Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida. The watch covers approximately 3 million people, according to an article from CNN. ABC Channel 7 also reports that it is likely that the hurricane will end up having an effect on New York State as well, primarily at the end of this weekend. Please be sure to take care and stay safe, everyone!