People of Academy – Kent

People of Academy - Kent

Kendall Olszowka

Kent (12th Grade) 

3 years at Academy 


“I’m a Chinese student and people in China watch a lot of Korean dramas. I’m a big fan of Korean dramas. 


There was one night where I watched a show called Kill Me and Heal Me. I think that was the name. I cried so badly at night. I turned the light off because I didn’t want my mom to know that and she heard my crying. She came to my room and she started to cry with me because she was upset as well. I stayed up the whole night with my mom and we cried together, and my dad finally joined us because he loved the drama as well. My whole family basically cried together. It’s very interesting because sometimes you do things that you don’t want your parents to know about, but they actually join in with you to do the same things that you enjoy.


I studied here for a long time and I don’t really have a chance to go back to China to visit my parents. They have a hard time coming here because of Covid-19. We miss each other a lot and we don’t get a chance to see each other. I miss them a lot, especially since it is Chinese New Year next week. My parents are going back to my hometown with my brother. They are celebrating the Chinese New Year, so they called me and told me that they missed me and I just want to be with them. Covid-19 is really sad.”