2020-2021 Staff

Zain Jafri

Zain Jafri is a senior at Academy and an avid lover of art and music. He writes opinion pieces on various topics.

Alex Li

Alex Li is a Senior at Academy and enjoys running and music. He writes about Academy sports, especially Cross Country and Track, various composers and albums, as well as food.

Bridget Neiles-Auger

Bridget Neiles-Auger is a Senior at Academy and loves nature and Twitter. She interviews various people who are a part of the Academy community for the newspaper and for "Academy Speaks", an upcoming podcast.

Yuri Na

Yuri Na

Yuri Na is a Junior at the Academies who loves to explore ways to impede climate change and spread awareness about recognizing different personas. She holds a particular interest in the production of clean, environment-friendly ...

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