Album Review: Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz

Lily Li

October 29, 2013

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There is no doubt that Miley Cyrus has dominated pop culture and the media over the past few months. Starting with her shocking performance at MTV's Video Music Awards, Miley's provocative outfits and questionable dance moves...

Chemistry Olympiad

Arka Rao

April 22, 2013

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On March 30th, several members of Mr. Buran’s AP Chemistry class headed over to the Albany College of Pharmacy to partake in the Chemistry Olympiad. This event consisted of a multiple-choice test with 90 questions that cover...

Are Flu Vaccines Effective?

Ankit Baghel

April 8, 2013

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Many remember the H1N1 flu, commonly referred to as “Swine Flu” of 2009, that caused a public panic over a possible epidemic. The flu does not receive such attention every year because fewer cases have been reported in the...

Homage to Vonnegut

Neil Xie

February 25, 2013

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Neil (10), Hey, kid.           Wow, you are having fun in the pond now. Look at your hands; they are like pickled cucumber. Don't worry, I'm not grandma, and I'm not going to call you home. Take your time. Just for your...

Biomass and Bacteria: The Energy of the Future

Alexandra Iankoulska

January 31, 2013

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On January 7th a study was published about chemists at the University of California, Davis, who engineered blue-green algae to grow chemical precursors for fuels and plastics. A chemical precursor is a compound that participates...

“Much Ado” a Great Success

Meha Sadana

November 15, 2012

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The opening night of The Academies’ performance of Shakespeare’s comedy Much Ado About Nothing, held November 2nd and 3rd, successfully brought out both the serious issues and lighthearted tone of the play. The play was adapte...

Muse: The 2nd Law

Julia Ambros

October 29, 2012

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Perhaps the most controversial album release in 2012 so far was that of Muse’s sixth Studio Album, The 2nd Law. The Devon, England-based alternative rock band has always been known for a fusion of space rock, progressive rock, an...

Siri and Its Problem

Ning Xie

October 18, 2012

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The iPhone has been very popular in our school; anyone with an iPhone 4S or above must have noticed an interesting new feature: Siri, a software assistant that takes spoken orders. But how much do you know about this dictation...

Movie Review: True Grit

Stefan Kuhar

February 21, 2011

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Leave it to the Coen brothers to redo one of the great All American Western classics. The original adaptation of the widely acclaimed Charles Portis novel was produced in 1969, only a year after the novel was written. It starred...

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